Iyad Mobarek

GM of Healthcare Education solutions, GE Healthcare

Iyad has a Bachelor’s degree of electronics engineering from University of Manchester in UK and PhD of biomedical engineering from Compiegne university in France. He started his career in 1984 as a clinical engineer and lecturer at the institute of biomedical technology of the Jordanian Royal Medical Services and was promoted to several positions until he became the director of the Institute. In March 2001, Iyad was appointed as the director of biomedical engineering at Jordan MOH & Royal Scientific society and in 2006 he became an assistant secretary general for Jordan MOH. In March 2009 he was appointed the technical officer of health technology with World Health Organization (WHO). Iyad joined GE in 2011, where he is now the GM of Healthcare Education solutions. Iyad worked as a part time lecturer in the German-Jordan University and has several publications in international journals and presented several papers in several international conferences.

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